The C Word

4/8/21 2:33 pm

Forgive me for sharing it this way but I wanted you to know and this is the fastest way… So today is a challenge that I need to share with you. I have been diagnosed with oral cancer on my tongue.  No known cause and never smoker or chewer.  It just happens and needs to be removed.  The prognosis is good, the tongue can handle quite a bit, and it is very treatable.  Early treatment is best so I am meeting the doc on Wed. unless something opens on Monday!  Please pray for good margins and that the lymph nodes are clean.  The girls know. They seem to be ok – we are all kind of shocked by the unexpected news. I find this to be a pain in the neck but am very excited to get past this. 😊 We are in good space and I give God all the credit.  He keeps providing so well for us – so well! 😊 I do hate cancer tho.

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