Surgery Scheduled 2 weeks Post Diagnosis

4/14/21 7:28 pm

So the surgery is next Thu. At 1 pm at Baylor Plano.  I will stay over night in the hospital. Recovery takes a few months.  I will talk funny until then.

It is 4 mm.  They need good margins so they will cut out a pie shape.  Make sure they are clean {margins}.  Then stitch those parts together.  Tongue will be shorter but it’s better this way.  Good thing I have a long tongue.

Cause?  Bad luck.  He said I am not the typical patient.  He sees this in smokers, heavy drinkers, people over 70, and with elderly who have bad fitting dentures.

Keep your mouth clean.

My life is not at risk and I will be able to talk.  Doing it this way prevents a lisp.

He will take the top of the lymph nodes in the neck.  If those are clean-he leaves the rest.  Any sign of trouble-he takes them all.

Ct scan as soon as they can schedule me.

This is not genetic but i am young for this and they will monitor me because I have many years left.  If the cancer is not found in the lymph nodes then that is best and improves the odds that it won’t come back.  If it is found then i may need radiation and or chemo.

Overall I am ok.  It doesn’t sound like my idea of fun but we will get it done.  Sobering day but I feel grateful it was caught.  Thank God.  Doc said he’d have the surgery if it was him.  That is all I need to know.

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